Cannabis As a Treatment for Depression
11th November 2020

Cannabis As a Treatment for Depression

Elijah Farley
To better understand how depression and cannabis be related, it is important to describe the terms and their context.

Cannabis Sativa is a flowering plant that first came from Eastern Asia. It was used as a sources of fiber, food, entertainment and as a medicine. The plant was also a way of setting a religious or spiritual mood.

But it has quickly gained popularity with other parts of the world and as a result been grown worldwide.

Cannabis has been proven to reduce some effects and symptoms of diseases. In patients with multiple sclerosis, cannabis is used to reduce muscle spasms, nerve pain and the need to urinate.

The plant has also been used on cancer patients to reduce the nausea, vomiting and pain caused by cancer drugs for up to 24 hours after it has been smoked.

These mood changes can be seen

It has also been seen to reduce eye pressure in glaucoma patients. Despite this, there is a possibility that it may worsen eyesight. The plant has been said to significantly reduce the intensity of migraines.

It is important to realize that, while the relief got from cannabis is beneficial and helpful, it is only temporary. Patients are likely to develop a high tolerance to the drug; meaning they become resistant.

There is also a possibility of patients becoming highly dependent, which can lead to addiction and further worsen their conditions.

Depression can be described as a mental condition that negatively alters mood. This prevents someone from doing everyday tasks like chores and homework effectively.

These mood changes can be seen through the physical, emotional and behavioral effects. They include weight loss or gain, a decrease in general hygiene and poor dietary habits.

Cannabis As a Treatment for Depression

According to a research done at the University of Buffalo, endocannabinoids are naturally produced chemicals found in the human brain. This chemical is responsible for functions such as movement, behavior and emotions.

A patient with depression is believed to not produce enough amounts of this chemical and depression symptoms are seen in patients. An experiment that was done on animals showed that when cannabis is introduced into the system, these symptoms are reduced.

From previous research, cannabis is used to temporarily reduce the effects of underlying problems, but not fully treat it. This also applies to depression, which in most times can be treated by simple therapy.

Some side-effects of depression that cannabis can treat may include anxiety, agitation, insomnia, mood swings or weight loss, restlessness and fatigue.

It is therefore clear that cannabis does not treat depression, but only reduces its side-effects. However, this does not give reason for its use as a medicinal option. This is because with the research done so far, the risks are more than the advantages.

There is a high chance of becoming addicted to the drug. The fact that it only works over a short period of time makes it unreliable for long-term treatment. Cannabis may also cause difficulty in thinking clearly and dealing with everyday problems.

It is clear that there is more about the plant that scientists are yet to discover. Much of this research may be more negative than beneficial. Therefore, it is safe to cancel it out as a treatment option for depression.


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