Featured: Differences between Cannabis and Hemp
23rd April 2020

Featured: Differences between Cannabis and Hemp

Elijah Farley
You must have been asking, “are they the same?”, “Can you smoke them?”, “Are they even legal?”. It is understandable you know little of the differences in Cannabis and Hemp, given they look very much alike. However, if this is one of your worries, then you are lucky to have come across this writing piece where you will find the answer to that question.

To deal with your questions in the best possible way, have a distinct understanding that both Cannabis and Hemp are from the same species (or plant). This is one reason they are alike and look difficult to differentiate. However, they are not the same and their differences are clear. We shall look at the differences of these two in different aspects which will be highlighted below.

The Origin of Cannabis and Hemp

The Root of both the Cannabis and the Hemp have been misunderstood by most people because they are from the same plant family, Cannabis Sativa. However, this plant is believed to have been originated at about 10,000 BC from South Asia. Humans began studying them after thousands of years without noticing the difference. This led to both Cannabis and Hemp being used for the same purpose.

You should know that Cannabis plants

As time passed and humanity began to understand the obvious differences between the two, they used them for different purposes based on their characteristics. While one is used for different rituals and medicines, the other is used for fiber and food.

The Differences between the Cannabis and the Hemp In their Plant's Physical Appearance.

As spoken earlier, both seem to have the same appearance to the amateurish eye, but they are not the same. They both possess similar leaf pattern which is 5 to 7 leaflets. Also, they both have similar flowering anatomies and thin stems within them. You should also know that the Cannabis and Hemp both possess buds and colas. One of the main differences that is found between these two are their heights.

You should know that Cannabis plants are not really tall like the other. To be more precise, the Cannabis Indica are especially short when it comes to heights. Hemp plants, however, grow to be much taller by reaching the heights of two meters.

The Differences between Cannabis and Hemp

The Differences between Cannabis and Hemp In Their Uses.

While much might not have known this by now, they are majorly used for uncommon things, which also differentiate them from each other. Cannabis are mostly used for psychotropic purposes, which means "to get high". This psychotropic we are talking about can be recreational in medical or nature. Also, Cannabis can be used to prepare foods by using extracts, or even applied directly. It is important to know that in all these uses, the buds are being harvested for their THC content.

On the other hand, Hemp is utilized for industrial and research purposes. The main used part of this plant are the stalk and the seeds. Being one of the fastest growing plants on earth, Hemp has been used for centuries in the manufacturing of fabric. It is also used for plastic, clothing, paper, animal feed, human food and so on.

The Differences between Cannabis and Hemp in their THC Concentration.

Differences between Cannabis and Hemp

You should know that the THC Concentration of these two is another way of identifying them. We know cannabis to have psychoactive effects because it contains a high amount of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). This is the substance that makes you high when you eat, or smoke weed. The amount of this substance in Cannabis ranges from 10% to 25% in regard to potency.

However, the level of THC content in Hemp plant is tremendously low. The THC content is as low as being below 1%, which makes Hemp negligible psychoactive in its uses. That is, you can never get high from it no matter the amount you consume.

Differences In Legality

In the United States, both Cannabis and Hemp are considered as drugs because of the existence of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) in it. Even the tiny level of THC in Hemp did not stop it from being classified as a drug. However, as Cannabis is legal in some states for recreational uses, Hemp is likewise legal in some states for research and industrial purposes.

In conclusion, both Cannabis and Hemp are from the same species which have been confused to be the same for centuries. However, they are very different in physical appearance, uses, and the level of THC content present in them. And with all that have been highlighted in this article, you now have the answer to your question.


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