How far apart should cannabis plants be?
28th October 2020

How far apart should cannabis plants be?

Waylon Cameron
Plants are among the best outcomes of God's creations due to their major significance in our lives. They are excessively important for they serve as sources of food to both animals and the human beings. Plants are also used for medicinal purposes for most drugs are made from plant extracts. These creations were freely given to us to maintain them and make good use of them. God instructed us to keep our environment in order, and plants are a part of the environment.

Cannabis Sativa is a type of plant that is used mostly for medicinal purposes. Due to their major significance in our lives, we shall therefore, discuss in details how far apart they should be spaced and why. Cannabis Sativa, also known as Hemp, is a medicinal plant that contains a chemical compound by the name THC, THC is an initial that stands for delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinols.

Although many of us are familiar with this type of plant, some of us do not really know how they should be spaced while planting them. Cannabis sativa is a plant that needs enough spacing to grow well. It needs to be spaced not less than 1.5 cm apart due to the various reasons we shall talk about. Firstly, with such a spacing, you will enable the plants to access maximum sunlight. Sunlight is a crucial factor when it comes to agricultural activities for plants need it to grow. When you plant them closely attached to each other, some of them may fail to access enough sunlight due to their overlapping.

Thirdly, when you space them far

This way of spacing is excessively stressed for on a normal day, a cannabis sativa plant needs sunlight exposure of not less than 6 hours. Anything less than that will negatively affect the plant for it will interfere with the production of buds. What does the wind do to a cannabis plant? Well, wind is a moving force, a pretty strong force. Due to its nature, a strong wind can end up breaking the branches of a plant or even make the plants bend. What happens when a plant bends? When a plant bends, it restrains itself from accessing enough sunlight to enhance its growth.

Secondly, with such a spacing, the plants will access enough water supply. When you space them closely, they will end up not getting enough water. While irrigating, those plants that grow over others will make the other plants end up not accessing water. Water is a necessity when it comes to the growth and development of your plants. Cannabis sativa is not an exception therefore, you have to space them well so that when you are irrigating and sprinkling water on them, all of them get the equal amount of water required for all of them to grow well. Living out any of them will obviously make you rip less than what you sow.

Thirdly, when you space them far apart as stated above, you will enable them to freely sprout without overlapping. Those with long flowers will flourish easily for the spacing will make this possible. They will grow so well without any factors that might affect them negatively. Sometimes when a plant's flower grows on top of another plant, it usually hinders its full growth, and the plant flowers might fall out. That pressure that is mounted on them may make them experience difficulties while sprouting.

Therefore, if you space them well,

The best cannabis to grow are the shorter ones to avoid long flowerings that exposes them to more harm than good. Flowers may prevent plants from accessing enough sunlight and humidity especially if they are closely grown together. Secondly, long flowers may attract passers-by to pluck them out while passing in case your farm is near a road.

Fourthly, cannabis sativa plants need to be spaced further apart for humidity purposes. Humidity is an important thing for it enhances the full growth of a plant. When you end up spacing your cannabis plants closely attached, some of them might fail to access humidity. Plants are like humans for they usually use air to keep them strong.

Therefore, if you space them well, they will get easy access to the air humidity which is an essential factor in enhancing growth and development. When the humidity is higher than usual, when you live in such an area it is advisable to space your plants further apart. Choose your cannabis seeds strategically by planting the plants that can tolerate as much moisture as possible due to the high humidity.

Let us also mention on pests

Before planting cannabis plants, you need to consider the above factors. You need to keenly observe the conditions of the environment in which you shall do your irrigation activities. Also, you have to look into matters related to bad weather conditions, exposure to enough sunlight and the number of plants your ground can hold.

Bad weather usually destroys plants especially heavy rains and strong winds. Pay a close attention to the level of sunlight exposure of your plants. Think of how long they will stay exposed to the sunlight before dusk for plants need light to develop. Regarding the size of the field, do some thorough calculation to know the amount of space your plants can take up. Make sure that you plant according to your field's capacity to avoid overlapping them.

Let us also mention on pests and diseases here for they are the biggest threat to our success in harvesting cannabis. Pests and diseases are among the biggest threats to plantations for they end up destroying the plants completely. Therefore, if you are planning on starting up an irrigation scheme, prepare yourself by getting the best sprays for insects will always be there. Insects such as Aphids eat plants so much to an extent that the plants get destroyed completely.

How far apart should cannabis plants be?

However, agricultural experts have advised that to protect your cannabis plants from pests and disease, try to grow tobacco on top of them. This will in turn make the insects feast on the tobacco instead of the cannabis plants. For more guidance about this, you can ask around for more information to avoid unnecessary mistakes and loss in the future.

The best time to plant these plants is towards the end of winter or during the early spring. This is the best time to actually start planning and knowing the tactics you will employ to enhance proper growth of your plants. In case you are unsure of any given procedure, it is advisable that you either ask from the experts or google them up.

Agriculture is a task that is quite challenging for it requires a lot of concentration. For you to make it, you have to take the necessary measures to ensure that your efforts bear fruits. Always check up or ask for things you do not seem to understand avoiding making mistakes. To succeed in producing large quantities of cannabis, you have to consider all the factors mentioned above.

Make sure that you space them as stated above or further than that to have them grow and develop well. If, you do not take the necessary precautions, your efforts will be fruitless for you will rip bad results. Take the necessary measures for in life, we must always be careful in all our endeavors to achieve our goals.


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