How Many Cannabis Seeds  in a Pot?
26th October 2020

How Many Cannabis Seeds in a Pot?

Isai Allison
Cannabis is legalized in some countries and some US states which make it possible to buy at marijuana clinics and recreational outlets. However, you do not need to expend money you have worked hard for to buy marijuana instead of growing it at home. Rather than commuting and spending each time you feel like smoking for medical or recreational reasons, consider planting some marijuana and enjoy your fresh crop.

You can get the guidelines for growing marijuana from a variety of online sources or those who are already cultivating it. If you are looking to grow some cannabis plants at home, then, this article will help you understand the number of seeds you can plant in a single pot. Also, the article will examine different scenarios for growing weed in a pot. So, continue reading to discover the number of seeds you need to grow in one pot.

How many marijuana seeds per pot?

There are several reasons why you

For many, the reply is perhaps too simple yet most people always pose the question. Maybe it is because such people do not have enough space to grow cannabis. If that is the reason, then, they are looking to optimize the available space when they ask how many cannabis seeds to grow in a pot. It is a reasonable question to ask, but the answer might surprise you. This is because you will plant only ONE seed of marijuana per pot. If you would like to find out more about the reasoning for this principle then read on.

One seed per pot

There are several reasons why you should plant one seed of marijuana in one pot. If you plant several seeds of cannabis in a single pot, many things could go wrong. Even though it sounds sensible to think about the amount of space you will save when you grow more than one seed in a pot, in the long term it will be more damaging than beneficial.

You can plant several cannabis seeds

When you plant multiple seeds in one pot, marijuana plants would start competing for nutrients, and the larger herbs will chock the smaller ones. Also, if you plant normal marijuana seeds, they may cross-pollinate, culminating in buds with marijuana seeds within them. This may sound obvious, however, having seeds within the buds reduces the vitality of the marijuana strain. Every marijuana seed is a plant, and it requires enough space to sprout and flourish, as well as to develop larger and finer buds. Note that planting multiple marijuana seeds in one pot might be counterproductive.

Multiple seeds per pot

You can plant several cannabis seeds in a single pot if you are using a huge pot. However, if you are using an ordinary pot, that is not recommended. If you plant multiple marijuana seeds in one pot, they will start fighting for root space when they begin sprouting. The competition for root space will lead to slow growth, frail plants, and ultimately poor yields. They will also fight for soil nutrients as well as the growing space.

How Many Cannabis Seeds  in a Pot?

Sowing several cannabis seeds in one pot is not like sowing several seeds in an open-air setting. Outdoor cannabis herbs have a wider rooting space since the soil is not confined, as is the case when they are grown in a pot. Likewise, when you sow multiple seeds in one pot, you are not certain if all of those seedlings are female. You are therefore running the risk of pollinating or sexing if you have some males in that pack, which will lead to breeding. Therefore, if you want smoke-able yields of cannabis, do not plant several seeds in a single pot.


If you want to breed cannabis herbs, then planting multiple seeds in a pot is fine. This is particularly worthwhile when you don't have adequate space. It is also a great idea because having multiple plants close to one another would enhance breeding and pollination. However, when you grow multiple plants together, you need to ensure that they are not crowded in one pot to prevent stunted growth.

A single seed is what is needed to grow one marijuana plant, so, even though you see cannabis herbs that resemble bushes, they all grew from one seed. Irrespective of the visible size of the weed, most growers agree that you require only one cannabis seed per pot. Several things could go wrong when you plant more than one seed in a pot. Although in principle, it is sensible to grow multiple herbs per pot since you will save money on soil, growers and cannabis nutrients, a lot can go wrong.


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