Is It Possible To Use Cannabis and CBD Oil Together?
6th April 2020

Is It Possible To Use Cannabis and CBD Oil Together?

Clara Gibson
Cannabis, commonly called Marijuana is a drug that originates from cannabis plants which have a variety of uses. The uses are either Legal or illegal depending on which part of the world you stay in. This drug contains over 400 compounds that have different effects on our bodies. The active ingredient is Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is a psychoactive ingredient or component of cannabis. It also contains the ingredient, cannabinoids that are widely used as medicinal, or recreational drugs although it's usage is limited as many governments consider it illegal.

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is a type of oil or plant product that is made from cannabis especially the chemical component cannabinoid. This oil product is highly effective that is used widely in the medical field and sometimes abused by drug users. Researchers conducted on the ingredients in cannabidiol has been found that it has less intoxication or other effects on the human body. However, many controversies are surrounding this oil product and growing awareness about its health benefits. For that reason, the use of this product has been widely politicized, prohibited and in some parts of the world accepted as a medical drug.

Apart from the effects it poses,

Can you smoke Cannabis and take CBD oil? The answer is YES because of many reasons and research findings that you will explore in this article. Before that you should understand that Cannabis is a highly addictive and commonly miss-used drug that causes euphoria, mental retardation, memory loss and affects your thought process. It also affects your body physically causing malaise, reduced productivity and deteriorates your medical condition at large. Be aware of its social effects, medical effects and financial effects that it poses on the users.

Apart from the effects it poses, this plant product also has benefits that will help you if the need arises. As stated Earlier, the plant product contains cannabidiol which for this case is used to make CBD oil. For instance, the oil has been used as a medicine, recreational drug or spiritual use. When the drug is used, it will go through chemical processes that will make it alter your brains' chemical integration. One of the ways is by stimulating the receptors in your brain, and increase serotonin (a chemical that is linked to mental health) to function. Now, this will reduce anxiety, a medical condition where you will have low serotonin in the brain receptors.

CBD oil has many more medical

On the other hand, when you use cannabis, itself that contains high Tetrahydrocannabinol, you will end up getting anxiety for some reason. You will need to reduce that by taking the CBD oil with it. That will bring some balance in your brain and help you avoid unforeseen circumstances. You will also be able to reduce stress levels when you get euphoric and help you calm down.

CBD oil has many more medical uses that are proven through many pieces of research conducted on the plant product at large. This in contrast to some major effects of cannabis, provides either remission from or protection to those effects. For instance, the use of CBD oil in rehabilitation centers has been the subject of praise. It has been seen to help in the prevention of relapse to cannabis use because it provides the extent of sober which is not well-defined in the medical field. This shows the initial use of cannabis and the CBD oil for other reasons will not pose dangers if well handled with proper dosages.

In some researches done on cannabidiol,

Another main reason you can use it together is that CBD oil is an extract of the plant you either want to smoke or use in other forms. It is not a known fact that the use together of the two will pose a dangerous outcome but what you can expect is an increased tendency of hallucinations, low blood pressure and depression.

In some researches done on cannabidiol, one of the main advantages that have been widely accepted is its pain relief effects when given with Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The pain relief effect largely comes from THC while CBD oil increases the potency and reduces the major effects of THC such as increased heartbeat. This synergistic activity is among the main reasons why you will be able to use the two forms of cannabis together. By saying cannabis, it usually means the consumption of the psychoactive drug rather than the beneficial CBD Oil.

Is It Possible To Use Cannabis and CBD Oil Together?

The caution has to be taken on the use of cannabis and its cannabidiol derivative. For instance, the CBD oil comes in different forms such as gels, creams or capsules. These different forms differ in the onset of activity where the ingestion or sublingual use will have a faster effect than the topical use. That is why it's advisable to balance the use of Marijuana and oil.

You should be able to follow guidance on its medical uses before deciding to use it. As an example, most medical facilities that will provide you the chance to use these drugs will follow a personalized medical guideline. Such guidelines will help you understand how often, and the dosage your body can function better with. It will be advisable to know the level of activity this cannabis drug will have on the body.

Despite all that, the use of large doses of THC (cannabis) will lead to addiction, drug-induced psychosis and cognitive disorders. Large doses of CBD oil will cause depression, low blood pressure and insomnia. If you use it together at an optimum level, you can have the best experience with the drug but still you will be at the risk of developing side effects. Interestingly, everybody has their body activity, or response to the use of cannabis and Oil. That is the main reason you will not see a defined average dosage where both drugs will work together.

Lastly, CBD oil or cannabis is NOT approved for use in most of the states of the US. Other countries do not approve of its use at all although some countries like the Netherlands has approved in low scale production for pharmaceutical use only. This is one of the major factors that affected studies on cannabis in human trials, and the lack of enough data to reach a consensus on this drug.

Cannabis has medical advantages such as increasing appetite, libido and increasing body sensation for many reasons. This drug also causes addiction, drug-induced psychosis and cognitive disorders in many people who use it. CBD oil is widely used to treat anxiety, provide pain relief, treat acne and hirsutism (an outgrowth of hair in bizarre areas of your body) and cancer. It will also cause depression, low blood pressure and psychosis.

If you use the two drugs in well-adjusted dosages and for the right reason in an approved country or state, you should expect a good outcome. But also, remember to prevent the possible side effects.


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