Thailand and its Stand in Cannabis Growth
8th April 2020

Thailand and its Stand in Cannabis Growth

Abigayle Miranda
Thailand is one of the numerous countries that makes up the Asian continent. In 2018, Thailand became one of the first Asian countries to legalize the use of cannabis in treating diseases. Using cannabis for recreational purposes is still considered illegal in Thailand. The decision to legalize cannabis was made after weighing the obvious health benefits of cannabis. Cannabis has inexhaustible health benefits as newer benefits keep springing up with increased research into cannabis.

Some numerous benefits of using cannabis for treating diseases include:

Pain Reliever:

Studies have shown that cannabis can be useful in relieving the pain associated with many diseases. Cannabis contains compounds like THC that help in to soothing pain. Pain can be associated with many diseases, namely: arthritis, cancer, multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and many others are all very manageable with the use of cannabis.

Epileptic Seizure:

Studies have shown that cannabis usage can help to stop epileptic seizures. These seizures can be very embarrassing and has psychological impacts on the individual suffering from the disease. Epileptic seizure does a lot on the self-esteem as the fear of embarrassing oneself can be a horrifying experience. Research studies have proven that THC, a compound in cannabis, finds its way into brain cells and regulates excitement and relaxation.

Strengthens Lung Health:

Prolongs Alzheimer’s onset:

Alzheimer’s is a disease condition that affects the memory and the overall mental health of an individual. This disease could also lead to dementia if not properly managed. Alzheimer is a common disease with older people than with younger people. Having a loved one suffering from this disease can be very devastating as such, it is only logical to do everything to delay the onset of the symptoms. Considering the fact that there is no known cure for the disease, it is only befitting to explore every available option for management. Cannabis has become the help that has been long awaited as it prevents the onset of the disease.

Cancer Management:

It is unfortunate to come down with a disease like cancer. This disease is very different from having the flu or diarrhea; it is a serious disease mostly leading to death. It is a situation where there is abnormal cell division and destruction of body tissues. Cancer kills slowly without mercy on the person suffering with the ailment.

Cannabis helps to prevent the spread of the disease. It has also shown great potential in managing the pain that result from treating cancer.

Strengthens Lung Health:

The government since 2018 took massive

Cannabis has great positive impact on the lungs of an individual. It sounds funny that smoking cannabis could actually be a reason to possess good lungs. However, research has proven that medical cannabis has essential compounds that serve to improve the lungs.

Improves lupus patients:

Medical practitioners consider Lupus an autoimmune disease. An autoimmune disease is a disease where the body begins to fight itself and sees its own cells as harmful.

Cannabis possess compounds that helps the immune system to see the body cells as par of itself; thereby, reducing the symptoms of lupus.

After thorough investigation to the extent that cannabis can effect in the medical health of individuals, the Thailand government took the initiative to legalize growing the plant. So as to grow cannabis, there was need to sensitize farmers across the country to consider growing the plant for medical purposes.

The government since 2018 took massive steps to encourage cannabis growth by drafting laws to the effect. One of such laws is the marijuana amnesty approved by the narcotics committee.

Thailand and its Stand in Cannabis Growth

The laws provide amnesty to the under listed as much as they are preregistered to carry cannabis:

- Traditional medicine practitioners for using cannabis in their potions

- Patients under care who are using cannabis for medical purposes

- Doctors, researchers, enterprises, cancer patients and others in possession of cannabis for medical uses

The legalization of medical cannabis in Thailand has resulted in the establishment of about thirty-seven cannabis clinics in Thailand. This is a testament to the fact that the market for cannabis in Thailand remains as robust as ever. The availability for the market makes the cannabis industry another means of encouraging the growth of the cannabis plant.

Irrespective of the reservations of using cannabis in treatment of diseases, the Thailand government shows unending support to the growth and use of medical cannabis. They have shown unreserved support by encouraging tobacco farmers to grow cannabis.


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