The Cost Of 8 Oz. Of Cannabis Oil
30th October 2020

The Cost Of 8 Oz. Of Cannabis Oil

Abigayle Miranda
Majority of the cannabis selling clinics use a uniform weighing device to measure the cannabis you buy. In this article, you will discover how to calculate the cost of different sizes of cannabis as well as the factors that influence the entire buying price.

What is the cost of 8oz (1/3 of a kilo) of cannabis (CBD) oil?

Cannabis quantities that you can buy from a clinic are generally packed in uniform sizes. Dispensaries usually sell cannabis in portions of either grams or an ounce. Most states where cannabis is legalized allow users to buy and carry a maximum of one ounce of cannabis. Many new cannabis customers are always interested in knowing about the price of buying an ounce of cannabis. Usually, the cost of less powerful oil is more than that with high vigor; also, the cost of the container will drive the price up. The average cost of one ounce of cannabis is 280 US dollars; therefore, the cost of 8 ounce (1/3 of a kilo) of cannabis is 2,240 USD dollars.

Factors affecting the pricing of cannabis


Several elements influence the price of cannabis, and you need to bear them in mind as you plan your next purchase. They consist of the following:

1. Potency:

Among the major cost drivers for cannabis is the degree of potency. Cannabis with a higher CBD and THC content will cost you more than that with a lower proportion of cannabinoids. Genetics of a cannabis variety determines the level of potency; also, some cannabis varieties are generally stronger than others are. The degree of potency is also attributed to the quality of cultivation of the strain. Most clinics offer laboratory tests to determine the potency level to assure customers that the variety they are buying has the desired degree of potency.

2. Freshness:


Cannabis price is also affected by the freshness of the herb. Dry and old cannabis may lose some aroma, taste, and efficacy because cannabinoids and terpenes start to disintegrate due to environmental exposure. THC, cannabis’s primary ingredient, breaks down to CBN through decarboxylation, which lowers its potency. Freshness can be determined by looking at the cannabis samples as well as by smelling. If the cannabis flower is well-kept, it will feel aromatic and fresh when smelled.

3. Quality of buds:

The general quality of cannabis buds also influences the price. If a variety is bigger, finger-sized buds, you will pay more to buy it while smaller buds will cost you less. Besides, the way a variety is cut affects the price because extremely leafy herbs have an adverse effect on the smoke.

4. Method of Extraction

The Cost Of 8 Oz. Of Cannabis Oil

There are different methods of extracting CBD from the marijuana plant. Carbon dioxide removal, steam distilling, organic solvent removal, or natural gas extraction are the main techniques used for extracting CBD. CO2 removal is regarded as the most effective method for processing high CBD concentrates (and thereby yielding high-quality oil). Therefore, carbon dioxide processed oils are generally priced higher than those produced through steam distilling or organic filtration (even though both techniques are fine and viable alternatives). The natural gas processing method should be avoided since there is a danger of having harmful contaminants in the finished cannabis product. Consequently, CBD oils generated through hydrocarbon removal may be inexpensive, though they are unsafe and possibly harmful.

5. Other cost drivers

Apart from quality, the company image also defines how a cannabis brand decides to price its product offering. Most cannabis businesses portray themselves as elite, high-end firms, with incentives such as all-organic products, and client retention schemes. Other firms have opted to concentrate on differentiation by providing high-quality oils at a reasonable cost. Federal and local taxes also influence the cost of cannabis. Such taxes are levied together with regular excise taxes as well as other state taxes, which push the price up.

Lastly, the cost of cannabis will also be influenced by the place you buy it. Usually, most cannabis brands are cheaper when purchased through a firm's website. When you buy through the seller's website, you will receive extra incentives such as free delivery packages. Besides, when a cannabis company offers its brands via retail outlets you will pay similar prices as purchasing online excluding shipping charges.

Since the grade of CBD oil influences the total cost, many clinics classify their products by shelves by considering the variables discussed in this article. High-end shelves denote a superior variety that costs more, whereas lower shelves represent an inferior variety normally sold at a reduced price.


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