The growth stages of cannabis
24th October 2020

The growth stages of cannabis

Elijah Farley
The cannabis plant is a fibrous plant and grows in areas with a temperate climate and heavy rainfall. These plants need much water to grow, and the best land for cannabis cultivation are those with high humidity.

This plant becomes a mature plant in about three or four months and it needs a lot of care and a lot of nutrients.

Four weeks after the seeds have germinated you can tell if your plants are female or male. Plants with small spherical flowers are male plants and plants with small teardrop flowers are female plants.

Germination is the first step that you need to do to have a good cannabis crop. You must choose the seeds that have a darker color because they have a higher chance of germination. For starters, the seeds should be planted in small containers and of course, they will need heat to germinate. You must know that the seeds germinate if the temperature is between 22 and 26 degrees Celsius and they also need water and plenty of light to sprout.

During the vegetative period, you must

After the seeds are planted, they will come out of the soil in about 3-5 days like seedlings and so begins the vegetative period. These seedlings have a short stem and two rounded leaves, which in hatred will form the first true leaves. Now you have to wait about two or three weeks for the seedlings to mature and produce leaves.

Do you know that plants need leaves for the photosynthesis process? When, the plants have grown leaves it means that the vegetation phase has begun. In the vegetative phase, you have to be patient because this phase lasts between three and sixteen weeks depending on the soil structure.

At the beginning of the vegetative phase, you have to remove the plants from the small containers and plant them in the ground, on the surface intended for their planting. In this way, the roots will have enough room to grow.

During the vegetative period, you must take great care of the cannabis plants if you want them to grow large and healthy. If you take good care of the plants, they will have more floors with buds and will produce more flowers.

You will notice that in the

You must not forget that during this period you must give the plants plenty of water and nutrients and check if they have been attacked by parasites. The cannabis plant needs nutrients because they increase the plant's defense system.

Insects can hide in the leaves of the plant or eat their root. There are animals that can destroy the plants or if you watered the plants too much they can mold.

In the vegetation period, cannabis plants need a lot of fertilizer, which contributes to the development of the stems and the leaves. They also need potassium, magnesium, and calcium, otherwise, the plants will not be healthy and will not be able to do photosynthesis.

You will notice that in the first two weeks of the vegetation period, the plants grow the most. Your plants will continue to grow larger and grow more leaves, then at the beginning of autumn when the day is shorter the plants will start to bloom.

The growth stages of cannabis

In the vegetative phase, the cannabis plants must be cut and formed because in this way the plant is helped to flower. Cannabis plants bloom in late summer when the days are shortened and there will be less light because if they do not have much light, the plants focus on the buds.

The flowering period of a cannabis plant lasts about eight weeks. In the first three weeks of this period, you will notice a rapid growth of the plant and the emergence of a new thing, that is, the bud. The bulbs of your plants continue to grow and after five weeks they will almost reach maturity. Even if the bulbs are large and almost ripe, your plants must be green and their leaves must be sticky.

You will notice that the bulbs of your plants will continue to grow larger and in the eighth week of the flowering phase, the bulbs will ripen and will have a brown color. All you have to do now is harvested the bulbs, but before that, you must cut the leaves and flowers of the cannabis plant.

Now you know the stages that a cannabis plant goes through until it reaches maturity.


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