Why cannabis is socially accepted?
11th October 2020

Why cannabis is socially accepted?

Elijah Farley
Cannabis is a drug that affects the mental and sometimes the physical processes of its user.

Men, women, children and surprisingly animals especially military dogs use cannabis. Cannabis or marijuana is obtained from the cannabis plant usually from the flower or fruit and it is used for medical purposes or for fun.

Most people commonly use cannabis just for recreational purposes, surprised? Commonly, people either use the smoking or the vaporizing method when consuming cannabis. At another instance, cannabis is mixed with food (commonly for animals) or used in cooking to be ingested.

Regardless of whatever method is used, the main component in marijuana, finds itself in the bloodstream then enters the brain where the main action occurs.

As stated earlier, cannabis has mental and physical effects as well.

Mentally, it causes a good feeling within the body (This is termed high). It also causes difficulty in thinking and mostly impaired body movement.

Have you realized that most cannabis

When this drug is highly abused, hallucinations, panic and anxiety are common characteristics.

Physical effects commonly associated with cannabis usage are, eye reddening, heart rate increase, dry mouths etc. Continuous usage of cannabis may lead to severe coughing and at a higher extent, addiction.

Aside these effects, cannabis comes with so many benefits and as a result, many countries legalize its usage due to these many benefits.

There are so many chemical compounds in cannabis and these are called cannabinoids.

These compounds have chronic pain relief properties so patients with such problems are being told to take a certain prescribed dosage of cannabis.

Have you realized that most cannabis users are not overweight? This is because cannabis has an effect in managing your calorie content within the human body.

Again, this cannabis has been proven

Furthermore, cannabis one way or the other has an effect on the hypothalamus hence, insulin is affected. With that in mind then diabetes can be regulated, having diabetes regulated, then blood pressure can be monitored and blood circulation too can be enhanced.

Cannabinoids also has an intrinsic property against abnormal cell growth henceforth, cannabis can fight cancer. What a relief!

As stated earlier, cannabis has effects on the moods of people. Depression, one of the 'invisible' diseases can be regulated by cannabis. Invisible in the sense that many people may unknowingly have it; they have it but don't know. In this condition, cannabis can help stabilize the moods of such patients.

The inability to focus, reduced cognitive performance and concentration can be curbed by cannabis as well. As a matter of fact, Alzheimer's disease which is associated with reduced cognitive performance of older people can be regulated by cannabinoids, components found in cannabis.

Abnormal hardening of body tissues such as veins, arteries and muscles are very painful and cannabis can help reduce such pains.

Again, this cannabis has been proven to enhance movements in patients with Parkinson's disease. The tremors associated with this disease can be reduced with cannabis.

Why cannabis is socially accepted?

Another important benefit of cannabis is its effects on epilepsy. Epilepsy can be controlled with cannabis. The usage of cannabis in such patients caused a reduction in their seizures.

Now to the main question, why is cannabis so socially acceptable?

Take a quick glance throughout the benefits of this drug as stated in this article. The wise usage of cannabis is good and think about the number of lives it can save from all these diseases. It has so many therapeutic effects that weren't even mentioned in this article.

The intake of cannabis to have a therapeutic effect is not usually done via the methods mentioned earlier in this article. Mostly, the components of cannabis are extracted and modified to make drugs. Other ailments require the smoking of it by the way, so now, smoking of cannabis in a legalized country is allowed.

Now, most countries are legalizing cannabis and cannabis embedded drugs are now being imported into such countries. Companies which produce cannabis made drugs are now profiting and have increase productivity in the country. Employment rate within such a country one way or the other is improved.

Ailments that require cannabis made drugs can now be prescribed in hospitals. Marijuana, cannabis, weed whatever you call it is now accepted in the society just because of it's bigger good it can bring to mankind.


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